Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blogging in the Stone Age: How Political Blogging in the EU is Playing Catch-up With America

I've just had an editorial published on www.dailybabel.com.

I'm sure it will prove at least mildly controversial, and I hope it will generate a bit of debate. If not debate, then at least some thoughts!

Comment if you think I've got it wrong, because I will listen to you. I would actually love to be proved wrong in this case!

You can read my editorial here.


alexandra said...

hi josef, I just discovered your blog and thought it is extremely interesting, I agree with your analysis of the european elections and their media coverage. However I do not think that EU politics are boring. "Sex, drug and rock&roll" in politics is a matter of point of view and of interpretation and I think there is a lot of this in EU politics.

Josef Litobarski said...

Hi, Alexandra!

I'm happy you commented! Not only do I like people commenting (I'm big-headed like that), but now I've just discovered your new blog!

I can see you know your stuff and are interested in Europe politics, so it will be good to have another EU blogger to read.

Right, back to your point: EU politics... are they boring?

I don't find EU politics boring, but then I'm an EU geek. I'm a student of European politics, which means my life is EU politics.

But for the average voter? EU politics is incredibly dull. Why should people get excited about who the next Commission President will be if it isn't clear what the Commission does?

I do think EU politics is boring at the moment (unless you study it). But I don't think that it HAS to be boring. I think the media, and bloggers like you and me, should work to "jazz up" European politics as much as possible.

alexandra said...

thanks for the inspiration for today's post!!!!