Sunday, May 17, 2009

Launching Citizen Europe (Lite)

The Prudent Investor left a comment on one of my posts (here)

Giuseppe, [EDIT: For that would be my name in Italian]
nice blog. May I only suggest you change the colors as white script on dark backgrounds is tremendously eye-tiring (to the older geezers like me? Humans have got used to black on light backgrounds since Gutenberg.

Prudent has a point, and it's something that troubled me when I started up my blog. It's a question of access.

I like my blog. I like my colour scheme. I like all my gadgets and widgets and gizmos cluttering the place up.

But if you're reading my blog and you're colour-blind (or if you just don't have the eye-sight of a hawk) then you might not find my layout so stylish.

Moreover, if you're reading my blog on a mobile phone or if you're using a dial-up modem or have a dodgy internet connection, you might not appreciate all my widgets and gadgets and things.

So, I've started up another blog. It's exactly the same content as Citizen Europe, but it's just plain black text on a white background. There will be no pictures, videos, gadgets or widgets slowing down your connection (although I will try to provide text links to pictures and videos so you're not missing out).

The address is:

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