Thursday, April 30, 2009

A French Existentialist Radio Play: Dans la Chambre

When I was a child, my family used to take me on camping trips to France. Once, on one of these trips, I was playing in some rock-pools on a beach in Normandy and a French boy about my age came up to me. He started asking me questions.

In the best French accent I could muster, I tried to answer him: "Je suis Angleterre!"

He must have thought me either mad or patriotic in the extreme (if a distinction exists).

Since that day, my French hasn't really improved. I can just about string together series of words into meaningless sentences.

Not very good for camping holidays in Normandy... but perfect for a French existentialist radio play!

I present "Dans la chambre" - a play looking at the very essence of what it is to be human in a world without meaning.

The purpose of this is to practice my French in a fun way. If you speak French, please let me know how my pronunciation is!

Bon appétit!


Julien Frisch said...

It's quite good, not too British, with room for improvement... ;-)

One correction: "existence" is feminine, so you have to use the personal pronoun "elle", not "il".

Josef Litobarski said...

Hehe, cheers, Julien - you're very kind!

Thanks for pointing that out!

I'll keep working on the pronuncation for Acte II. :D