Thursday, April 30, 2009

Comment: TH!NK ABOUT IT in the Greek Media

Stergios Mavrikis reports in his blog (here) that the TH!NK ABOUT IT project has been recieving some attention from the mainstream media in Greece. Great stuff!

Me and Stergios were involved a few weeks ago in a discussion about the conflict in Cyprus (on another blogger's page - here). I had been fairly critical of the original post, and I had behaved badly. Cyprus is a modern conflict in which there have been many deaths and tragedies, and so when speaking to someone directly involved, you have to show sensitivity. I don't think I did this properly.

It's okay to be critical - but you also have to remember that if people are directly involved, it is not an abstract thing they are talking about. They may be personally involved in the conflict, and these are issues very close to them.

Still, I hope there aren't any hard feelings!

Here's my comment:

Congratulations, Stergios!

All of the TH!NK writers are involved in a very exciting experiment! Is it possible to artificially create a community of online writers through a competition such as this?

You have now demonstrated that you have the attention of at least part of the mainstream. Now you have to consilidate that attention build upon it!

The most interesting thing for me is to see if TH!NK bloggers keep on writing AFTER the competition is concluded. I hope you do!

P.S. I hope we’re still on good terms after our earlier conversation about Cyprus. I read your profile, and you have almost identical interests to me (especially when it comes to European identity). I’d love to hear more about your research!


P.S. I do know how to spell consolidate!
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