Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snowshoeing Around

[Image: Josef Litobarski, 2009, Attribution 3.0 Unported]

Start small. Start with baby steps. That was my problem with skiing. I started by actually trying to ski! How silly of me! Before you can try skiing, you have to try walking, or, more precisely, shoeing.

Snow shoeing.

That's exactly what Elsje and I had a go at yesterday! We took a bus up to nearby Monte Bondone and rented a couple of snowshoes. Of course, snow shoeing isn't really going to teach me anything about skiing... but it might cure my growing phobia of snow.

Tromping about all morning in snowshoes was great fun - especially when travelling downhill. Going uphill was exhausting. I'm naturally a downhill kinda guy at the best of times, but yesterday I'd only had seven hours sleep in about two days. I've been frantically scribbling away at a history essay for the last week, and crunchtime has been brutal.

Elsje had to keep shouting at me to stay awake whilst snowshoeing. At one point, I fell over in the snow and wanted to just stay down there and sleep. In my delerium, I genuinely thought the patch of snow I'd landed in was a great, soft marshmallow.

Luckily, Elsje slapped me about a bit and we went and had hot chocolate. Lovely.


R said...

that's so funny. about the tiredness, I understand that totally.. I envy your trip to the snow. I'll probably be in Tn next week sometime on wedensday or so.

Josef Litobarski said...

Ricky - let me know when you get here! We should meet up!

R said...

great! thanks for the advice! I actually got those three automatic buttons. I now changed them. what do you think now? it's great to have suggestions. the logo? about that, there is a pgm on the web created by some brainy flok of people at IBM where you can create your word clouds. I've been using them as cd covers, cell phone wallpapers etc. I had this thing in mind for my blog earlier this year but finally got to do it last night. Then, I just modified the background of the blog etc and the fonts in blogger. as for the logo: I think you will love it. here: Let me know! I will certainly call you up once in tn!

Adam said...

Joe that landscape in fantastic...oh what i would give to be there. Matt and i should come and vist..but hes not answering his e-mails.