Friday, February 20, 2009

Il Grand Masquerade

[Image: Venice Shop Window, 2002, Peter Rimar, Public Domain]

To celebrate me having finished my exams, Elle and I are off to Venice for a couple of days. We want to try and catch the tail-end of the carnival (hopefully I'll get some pictures and post them up here). Exams all went well, and spirits are high. We're off to a couchsurfing party in Verona (of Romeo & Juliet fame) tonight, and then on to Venice tomorrow.


Riccardo Benussi said...

hey how was venice? I got to trento! what are you doing next week? fancy a soccer match? or a pizza?

Riccardo Benussi said...

uh, just realized you're in venezia as I type! so, ok, I'll be around until next friday or so! ciao!

Josef Litobarski said...

Hey, Ricky! We're back from Venice! It was great! Are you still in Trento? We should definitely meet up! I'll text you!