Monday, January 26, 2009

Twitter... What is it Good For?

[Image: (c) Twitter, Fair Use - to identify Twitter]

I've been trying Twitter out for a day now, and I couldn't really see the point... until, that is, this morning - when I think I finally "got" Twitter.

Twitter, it seems, does have a purpose. It makes a great little live web feed! I've signed up to "follow" some of my favourite blogs and websites - The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Guardian, Boingboing, Slashdot, Engadget, Lifehack, etc.

Then, using Digsby, I can get auto-updates every time one of those sites puts up something new.

I can't see myself using Twitter for social networking - but I think it could work as a web feed...

EDIT: And now I've just discovered that Twitter integrates into Facebook - so both status-updates can be linked.


escooler said...

Am gonna find you on twitter then start my own blog...called

"things what i like"


Also can i come and vist you in your green valley retreat.

escooler said...

Twitter is ammmmmmmmazing for work. Very useful

Josef Litobarski said...

Hehe - let me know when your blog is up! And of course you can come visit me! Seriously - let me know if you're ever in Northern Italy and there is a couch for you!