Saturday, December 6, 2008

Elsje & I Fight the Zombies!

[Image: Josef Litobarski, 2008, Attribution 3.0 Unported]

Uuuuuuurrgggghhh.... braaaaiiinnssss!!

Don't worry, reader, I haven't become a zombie. I'm just really tired and cranky because I went bowling until 3am last night. It was an interesting night - and Elsje helped me fight the zombies!

At the beginning of the night, we went out with the Trento couchsurfing group for drinks at a bar. French Arthur, the most excellent couchsurfing representative in Trento, offered to start a French club with me - which will be fantastic! We're going to smoke cigars and talk about le Republic with teary eyes. And curse that swine Napoleon with every ounce of our being as his soldiers drag us to Madame Guillotine. And he's going to lend me some French comedies on DVD - so they should be pretty easy to understand.

We also met up with a Spanish couchsurfer who is writing his PhD thesis on mushrooms. He might take us out mushroom picking next spring - which would be great! The last time we went mushroom picking we were too scared to eat anything except hedgehog mushrooms.

Anyway - we chatted for a couple of hours, but the conversation kept turning inexorably toward the subject of food and feeding. It soon became apparant that we were all starving, so off we trotted to a pizzeria for a hot, doughy, cheesy pizza made by a guy from Napoli. MMmmmmmm.... brraaaaiiinnns!

We said goodbye to the couchsurfers and Elsje and I headed to one of our favourite little cafés (still open at 9:30pm) for a hot chocolate and a cream-topped-choco-coffee. Mmmmmm.... braaaaaaaaaaaiinnnss!!!!!

It was about 10pm, and we got a phone call from our friend Gio - saying he had room in his car to take us bowling at an all-night bowlerium. We accepted the challenge, but, unfortunately, were not really up to the high bowling standard set by our friends. I won't lie: we're not great bowlers...

But we're apparently well-qualified for zombie removal! There was a House of the Dead III arcade-machine at the bowlerium, with pretend pump-action shotguns. Elsje jumped right in and was quickly blasting hellspawn left, right and centre! She managed to survive the horrors of the zombie-infested carpark for longer than I did, and very kindly gave her gun to me to shoot a few more zombies after I died. In the end, though, I finally died in the IT department - overwhelmed by zombie pirates.

Mmmmm...... braaaaains!

UPDATE: Elsje has pointed out to me that she didn't actually survive longer than me - she just put more money into the machine than me. So the rich will always survive a zombie apocalypse longer than the poor.

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