Friday, December 12, 2008

Communist Revolution in Trento!

[Image: Josef Litobarski, 2008, Attribution 3.0 Unported]

Today, I was walking into town when I came across a labour union march. There were a few hundred people wearing red clothing and waving red flags (some emblazoned with the hammer & sickle). It was a rally of the Italian General Confederation of Labour. There was "partisan" music playing, and they seemed to be protesting against the government.

This isn't that unusual for Italy. There are some controversial educational reforms going on at the moment, and there have been a series of strikes in Trento by both students and faculty staff.

In other news:

1) The hard-drive on our mac has definitely gone. We're ordering a new one and I'm going to have a go at installing it myself.

2) I will get the results for my Italian test next week.

3) My group handed in the written plea for our mock EU trial (the trial will be next Monday). I'll let you know how it goes!


Riccardo said...

eheh! the picture you told me about! it does look inferno-like! can't decide whether Dante was leading the march or telling them to flake off! nice meeting you Joe! have a good time in Trento. I like this blog!

Josef Litobarski said...

Cheers, Riccardo!

You are the perfect gentleman! Make sure to keep updating - I'll keep an eye on it!